Another essential section to ‘The Canterbury Sound’ with Tokyo Tea Room and their E.P. Release.

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There could be no grander venue for the eagerly anticipated second E.P. release ‘Another Place, Another Time’ from the Canterbury based quintet and exquisitely named ‘Tokyo Tea Room’ in the intimate venue of The Keep in the Westgate Towers, Canterbury.

As their bio on Soundcloud proudly tells us ‘Tokyo Tea Room are an alternative rock quintet born from a dark and slightly damp basement. They combine fuzzy guitars, melodic bass lines and blissful vocals to create a unique sound’. Please add to that a generous slice of pseudo atmospheric shoegaze/dream pop and stir in mellow ambiance, dreamy guitars, and nostalgic rifts.

A relaxing and atmospheric ambient set with elements of post psychedelia, with soft vocal sounds from Beth Plumb and Graham Nunn (who also provides dreamy guitar).

Everything is put together with the gifted lyricist and composer Daniel Elliott, who is ably supported by Sam Teather on the drums and Ben Marshall pulling it all together on bass, the parts are played extremely well and sound thoroughly professional.

Musically, the riffs are very complex and ‘open’ sounding, these have the make-up that is going to be the main hook and more the sort of thing that adds a special extra something to inspire and build the rest of their sound around layers of melodies.

Most definitely a gig to catch and a story to tell the next generation “yeah, I saw them at a gig before they played larger venues”.

I love their sound!

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