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We’re back with another monthly roundup of the best sessions. We didn’t compile a list for December as we recorded a Podcast and counted down our top 20 tracks of 2017 instead (definitely go and listen to that Podcast).

This month we’ve posted 30 tracks and recorded 17 sessions.

Check out the best of January 2018 below.

Solar Nineties – Cancel My Calls (Original)

On December 31st 2018 I’m sure everyone will be delighted when we recall our first video from this year. It’s the final track of our session with Solar Nineties​ but we’ll be featuring them more in the future.

Here’s Cancel My Calls.


Murray Phillips – 4 Chord Song

We counted 25 – How about you?

Murray Phillips​ from Funk Mutha​ with The 4 Chord Song.


The Ovines – Psycho Killer – Talking Heads Cover

We’ve been really excited to get this cover out by The Ovines​ ever since they recorded it with us. We think it’s amazing!!

Psycho Killer by Talking Heads.

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Tim Wilson – The Middle of Nowhere (Original)

It’s time for another track with Tim Wilson​ – The Middle of Nowhere.


Argyle – Don’t Let The Sun Steal You Away – Bear’s Den Cover

Here’s our third track from Argyle​’s most recent session. Quite simply, one of the most incredible covers we’ve ever recorded. The song is fantastic and the performance by Jake is sensational.

Don’t Let The Sun Steal You Away by Bear’s Den​.

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Big Steve – Hopeless Love (Original)

Big Steve​ is back with another beaut of an original – and one of the tracks he featured in his episode of The New Music Podcast recently.

Hopeless Love.


The New Nervous Kind – Saints & Sinners (Original)

It’s the second appearance from The New Nervous Kind​ but the first was a Christmas cover so here’s the first proper song by the lads – and what a great song!!!

Saints & Sinners.

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Trio Manor Manouche – Mire Pral

We know how much you guys love a bit of Gypsy Jazz so here’s our second installment from Trio Manor Manouche​ – Mire Pral.

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Skies – Green (Original)

This track has been on repeat on our Spotify playlist pretty much every day since we met SKIES​. It’s the second and final track from our session with them and we can’t get enough of this acoustic version!



Ben From Westward Ho! – The Circle Married the Line – Feist Cover

It’s a sad week guys. 6 of the next 7 tracks are the final ones from the artists sessions – beginning today with Ben from Westward Ho​! Of all five tracks Ben recorded, this is our favourite.

We’ll be recording a Podcast with Ben in the very near future so look out for that folks, for today, here’s The Circle Married the Line originally by Feist.


Josephine Sillars + The Manic Pixie Dreams – Problems with Power (Original)

Here’s our penultimate track with Josephine Sillars + The Manic Pixie Dreams​, and this one is our personal fave from the session.

Problems with Power.

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Dead Man’s Corner – Whateveris (Original)

Here we go again folks – it’s the sensational Dead Man’s Corner​ with the third track from their session. Also we’re playing around with some lovely drone footage we found from last year. Name the location …

Here’s Whateveris


Trash Mammoth – The Ballad of the Lonely Mammoth (Original)

We had the “pleasure” of having Trash Mammoth​ in session recently. The next time you hear this track it’ll have different lyrics and almost certainly a different name. The lads gave us the pleasure of naming each track so …

The Ballad of the Lonely Mammoth.


Hey Zeus – Put Cyclops Away (Original)

So, remember that Bass player from yesterday? Yeah, he came back for a solo session. What we particularly love about Hey Zeus is how he incorporates real experiences into his lyrics very subtly. See if you can figure out the story behind this one.

Put Cyclops Away.


Patrick Channon – One Way (Original)

Amazing to get Patrick Channon in session recently. We were expecting great things and Pat delivered. Here’s the first track of his session – One Way.

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Frank Turner – The Ballad of Me and My Friends – Squangey Bobbins Cover

Did y’all catch the Podcast we did with Squangey Bobbins​ recently? Well we filmed a session at the same time and here’s the first track – A Frank Turner​ cover – The Ballad of Me and My Friends.

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Tim Brooks – I Wouldn’t Have to Sing This Song (Original)

How many of you guys can relate to this scenario …

Huge thanks to Tim Brooks for popping along. Here’s the first track from his session – I Wouldn’t Have to Sing This Song.


Christian Smith – Bones (Original)

Huge thanks to Christian Smith​ for coming down – 6 hr round trip just for this session! Hope you enjoyed Margate buddy.

The first track from his session is his new single – Bones.


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