Best of March 2018

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Here we go again with another roundup of the absolute best unsigned musicians of all time of the month.

This month we’ve posted 30 tracks and recorded 13 sessions – As well as hosting our first ever live event!

Check out the best of March 2018 below.

Gypskazz – Old Ways (Original)

TBH, I think the question is who DOESN’T want some Gypsy Ska Jazz on a Saturday afternoon?!

Trust us guys – you need some GYPSKAZZ​ in your life! Huge thanks to the guys for coming and filling up our tiny studio. Here’s track number 1 from their session – Old Ways.

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Eleusia – Drug of You (Original)

It’s time for our final track with the sensational Eleusia​. Here’s Drug of You.

One, Two, You Know What To Do …

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Billy Bragg – A New England – Squangey Bobbins Cover

We’ve seen Squangey Bobbins​ cover this beaut live a couple of times. A wonderful tribute to The Bard of Barking himself, Billy Bragg​ – A New England.

If you get a chance to see Squangey live, take it!

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Tim Brooks – Grace and the Candlelight (Original)

It’s time for the final track from our session with Tim Brooks – Here’s Grace and the Candlelight.

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Funke and the Two Tone Baby – The World Will Be a Waste Land (Original)

A wonderfully upbeat song about World War for a Saturday afternoon. We’re huge fans of Funke and the Two Tone Baby and we’re delighted to bring you the first of three tracks he recorded with us – The World Will be a Wasteland.

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Harry Evans Band – 2004 (Original)

Harry Evans Music came along with his band and dropped 4 absolutely brilliant originals! Here’s track number one from their session – 2004.

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Half Time Talk – Your Own Breath (Original)

Happy Monday everyone – or maybe a sad ones for Half Time Talk fans. Here’s the final track from their session with us – Your Own Breath.


Clubbing in Churches – Telephone (Original)

Clubbing in Churches popped along to record three tracks with us including a fantastic cover! Here’s one of two originals they recorded with us – Telephone.

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Christian Smith – Rise Again (Original)

Here’s our final track with Christian Smith Music – Rise Again.


John Forrester – Richmond Hill (Original)

Here’s our final track with John Forrester – and an absolute beaut as well! Richmond Hill.

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Mark Sullivan – Words Fail Me (Original)

Here’s our final track with the unbelievable Mark Sullivan Music – and we really have saved the best for last.

Words Fail Me.


We Ghosts – Civil Unrest (Original)

Here’s our third track with the sensational We Ghosts – Civil Unrest.


Paperfriend – Warm (Original)

That first Monday after the clock go forward Suuuucks! At least the suns out 🙂

We hope the third track from our session with Paperfriend helps you through the day – Warm.


The Gallerys – Dr. Friend (Original)

Track three from our session with The Gallerys is our personal fave – Dr. Friend!


The Word – Heartshot (Original)

We’re totally in ❤ with this track by The Word – Heartshot!

“There she was standing in a Champion jumper; All the boys lined up to get her made up number”


Strife Darko – Theseus (Original)

How about this amazing track from Strife Darko! What a beaut for a Sunday afternoon. Theseus.

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