Right guys, check it – It’s 100%, totally and utterly free to appear on the Seaside Sessions sofa. Can you even believe it?! We do this because we love to discover new talent and we love hearing the awesome sounds you guys are producing.

Now that said, since we don’t make any money from this, and the equipment we use is expensive, not to mention our time, we’ve set up a Patreon account to try and help us balance the books (ish).

Confused? Yeah, so were we when we first heard about it, but it’s really quite simple. Patreon allows you to subscribe to our skills for any amount you like on there, starting from $1, and we’ve added a bunch of awesome perks for those pledging a bit more.

When you pledge it says you’re paying “per creation” (i.e. per video) but we only post 1 video per month where we tick the “Charge Patrons” option. So your pledge is essentially a monthly subscription. We promise we won’t try and sneak up your costs at all! One fixed payment, once a month, for some excellent content (if we don’t mind saying so ourselves).

So click the logo below and give us some monies. If you can. If this Patreon thingeymebob is too complicated, there’s also a PayPal donate button below, for one-offs…

Patreon | Seaside Sessions
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OK, so you want to get a session. Give us some deets using the form below and we’ll hook you up if we can.

*All bookings are weekday evenings from 6pm-7:30pm. If you need a weekend please mention on the form. We will reply to you and discuss dates but please note that not all booking requests will be successful.

From time to time we may drop you an e-mail with some New Music news. We’ll never sell your data and we’ll never spam.