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The physical album artwork and layout is outstanding. A lot of design thought has gone into it. Which in turn reinforces the quality of the music within.

The vocals from Tom is in its self, blissful and hypnotic with sheer charisma and quality of his voice, not that Famyne is about the frontman.  Jake announces himself and emerges as an absolutely phenomenal drummer with amazing hard-hitting as well as delicately delivered fills.

When slow, magnificent drawn-out riffs kick in with the dropped tuning, powerful and fuzzy guitars, then within a moment, a hypnotic state takes over your body where every pulse of music is absorbed. Credits to Chris, Martin and Alex for providing the delicate, rhythmic and thumping guitars.

No one can say that the self-titled album ‘Famyne’ is made by doom fans, for doom fans, as listening in, you feel the hook to music that is generated by these 6 glorious and deliciously dark melody driven tunes. This music is for everybody to enjoy!

It also goes without saying, that this album is an immensely atmospheric one. Over a period of 18 months or more with unrelenting day long recording sessions, the final production enhances this journey. The band knew what their sound was as the final polished version in this album pays testimony to their plan. This album is, a most straightforward sense a hugely satisfying progression of them and a storyline.

I have come to the conclusion that ‘Famyne’ is the product of many things:

  1. Loitering around churches
  2. Having a vision for an album that tells a story
  3. Being absolute perfectionists
  4. Being most courteous to everyone they encounter
  5. Just being awesome as good honest musicians!

Famyne as a band really feels like it is a force in the metal world that stands on its own and will be noted by peers and followers alike!

Listen to the band now on:

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