Kavanagh power up for the finals!

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Battle of the Bands

From the start the set was delivered at a blistering pace and full of energy, as the previous band Rosko really set the performance level very high with this in mind I think everyone on stage tonight was out to impress!

Kavanagh have a really mature sound and presence for a band so young, from watching, you’d have to say they have been together for years. These teens are doing something right, so keep your eyes peeled for them in future at many a main festival (worldwide)!

David Emmons is no stranger to commanding the stage and working the audience as well as fellow band members, there’s a great synergy between David and the bass Dom Platts who really must cover a half marathon with their set.

It really is good to seen such a bond between a band and its fan base it really is something special.

Pleasing are the heavy guitar riffs generated by the equally gifted Louis Hannaford and James Williams, a formidable combination. There is great instinct between then and an understanding that can only come from playing together for decades (take this into account when you judge their age)!

Excellent time keeping on the skins was kept up by the faultless Michael Farbrace, his in-fills and deliberate pauses is a skill beyond his age.

Fair to say Kavanagh won the inaugural Dreamland Battle of the Bands by playing out of their skins, to be honest, this is probably the 6th time I’ve seen them gig and every time there have been remarkable improvements. Rosko band were so unlucky to miss out.

Bring on an e.p. release later this year for being winners and Reading and V festival in 2018, where I’d expect to see them perform!



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Phill Morgan

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