TNMP #5 – End of 2017 Special – The Top 20 Songs of the Year!

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Happy New year everyone and welcome along to episode #5 of The New Music Podcast – Our rundown of our 20 favourite tracks this year. Adam was joined in the studio by Phill Morgan (who’s written a lot of Blog Posts for us this year), Kevin Hawkins (who’s shared more than anyone else) and Melody Ashton (his other half) to run down their top 5 tracks each.

Here’s how our 2017 looked …
– Almost a quarter of a million video & audio streams
– Almost 1,500 followers
– Around 800 Listens to The New Music Podcast
– 75 Sessions & 259 Videos in the 301 Days Since Launch in March 2017
Here’s to even more in 2018!


Phill’s top 5

Mark Lees – Mojos (Original)

Remember when Freddo’s were 10p ūüôĀ

Here’s our last track by the wonderful Mark Lees Music‚Äč – Mojos.


Little Fishes – May Showers (Original)

We fell in love with the Little Fishes‚Äč guys – and this is the final track from their session ūüôĀ

Don’t be sad – we’ll definitely get ’em in again. For now, please enjoy a wonderful original from the guys – May Showers.


Spyplane – Bring Me Your Life (Original)

We were lucky enough to get some magic in the studio recently guys. 2 of spyplane‚Äč popped along and recorded 4 awesome originals. Here’s the first, the beautiful Bring Me Your Life


Estelle Mey – Nothing (Original)

Here’s the third track from our session with the astonishing Estelle Mey‚Äč – Nothing.


Phill’s #1 –¬†Tokyo Tea Room – Auto-Phobia (Original)

We were delighted to get a session with Tokyo Tea Room‚Äč last week. The band came along with 2 of their originals, beautifully stripped back to an acoustic sound.

Here’s the first – Auto-Phobia.



Kev’s top 5

Frankie Swain – Heart of Gold (Original)

Frankie Swain‚Äč popped along with 4 absolutely beautiful tracks. First up is Heart of Gold.


Richie Ryan – Something Raw (Original)

It’s time for some more beautiful Irish tones from the brilliant Richie Ryan. Here’s his original track Something Raw.


Three – Just The Two Of Us – Bill Withers Cover

Is there a better way to start your week than to relax to this cover of Just The Two of Us by THREE.

We loved recording this in the studio and it’s just as good to hear it again.


JACK – Halo – Beyonce Cover

Here’s our final track with JACK. He brought 3 awesome originals and finished his session with this excellent cover!

Beyonce – Halo.


Kev’s #1 – The Grand Merci (Formerly The Simmons Brothers Project) – Icy Red (Original)

Here’s our second track with The Grand Merci. Aaron‚Äč’s amazing of course, but how about that guitar from Sam‚Äč.



Mel’s top 5

The Jordi Fanclub – Below My Feet – Mumford & Sons Cover


Howlin’ Ric & The Rocketeers – You Ain’t Gonna Leave (Original)

We had a great times with Howlin’ Ric & The Rocketeers‚Äč. How we managed to fit them all in the studio with the Double Bass is anyone’s guess – how they fitted in for their live set at Fez, Margate‚Äč is a miracle!

Many thanks to the guys for coming along. Here’s their final track – You Ain’t Gonna Leave


Murray Phillips – Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding Cover

We had a solo session with the amazing Murray Phillips‚Äč – He can usually be found funkin’ out alongside Funk Mutha‚Äč. This is perhaps a more chilled Murray though, covering Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding‚Äč.


Big Steve – In Ramsgate (Original)

Continuing #BigSteveDay, here’s the first track from Big Steve‚Äč’s second session with us. If you’re from Ramsgate, you probably already know it.

Here’s the magnificent In Ramsgate.


Mel’s #1 – Daisy Tickel – Mr. Right (Original)

Daisy‚Äč came along with a couple of covers and this beautiful original track. We had to go with a Summer intro cos this track makes us feel all warm inside ūüôā

Mr. Right.



Ad’s top 5

Bobby C from Chroma – Blue Moon (Original)

Here’s our final track with the amazing Bobby C from Chroma Collective‚Äč but stay tuned for a Podcast in January.

For now, here’s Blue Moon.


Richie Ryan – Thank You (Original)

Thank You Richie Ryan‚Äč ‚Ě§


Crybaby Special – London Underground (Original)

It’s time for some more Crybaby Special‚Äč acousticness – London Underground


Jake Argyle – Flowers She Placed (Original)

You may recognise Courtney from his session with Big Steve. This time he was alongside Jake Argyle who came along and performed 3 originals for us. Here’s the first.


Ad’s #1 – Solar Nineties – Fragile at the Disco (Original)

It’s been a little while since we posted but we’re back now and we’re bringing you an absolute beaut by Solar Nineties‚Äč. Here’s Fragile at the Disco.

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