Best of February 2018

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Here we go again with another roundup of the absolute best unsigned musicians of all time of the month.

February is a shorter month but that didn’t slow us down – This month we’ve posted 26 tracks and recorded 9 sessions.

Check out the best of February 2018 below.

Josephine Sillars + The Manic Pixie Dreams – The Weed Smokers Dream (Original)

We’re going to miss the soft Scottish accent from the stunning Josephine Sillars + The Manic Pixie Dreams​. Thank you so much for coming all the way from Edinburgh Josephine. Here’s the fifth and final track from the session – The Weed Smokers Dream.

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Dead Man’s Corner – The Weatherman (Original)

We’ve absolutely loved making these Dead Man’s Corner​ videos. Here’s the final track from their session but look out for a Podcast with Steve ‘Boltz’ Bolton​ in the next couple of weeks.

Here’s The Weatherman.


Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al – Patrick Channon Cover

What a beaut of a cover by Patrick Channon​ for a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Paul Simon​’s You Can Call Me Al

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Half Time Talk – Coral (Original)

We bloody love it when a band comes and strips back their sound completely. Half Time Talk​ are normally turned up to 11. Today’s track is the first from their session and also their brand new single. If you like this, go check out the heavy version on their page.



Hey Zeus – Seaman (Original)

Ahh, how lovely – Hey Zeus​ came and did a song all about a lovely day at the Seaside.

Here’s the third track from his session – Seaman.


Terror (Original)

Terror Official UK​ dropped his latest single with us recently. This is Terror!

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Eleusia – Deep Blue Sea (Original)

Amazing to grab a session with the lads from Eleusia​ – Their first performance as a 3-piece.

Here’s track one from their session – Deep Blue Sea.

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Noel Gallagher – You Know Me – Squangey Bobbins Cover

Alright look, I need to come clean! I’ve barely listened to any of Noel Or Liam’s solo shiz. I’d never heard this song. i know, i know. i’m sorry.

Since Squangey Bobbins​ came and covered it, it’s basically been on repeat on Spotify​ in the studio. Thanks for the lesson Squangey 😀

Here’s Bobbins’ cover of Noel Gallagher​’s High Flying Birds – You Know Me.

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Tim Brooks – Arrows (Original)

We’re starting the week off with Tim Brooks​’s bit of nostalgia.

Here’s Arrows.


The New Nervous Kind – Caroline (Original)

Genuinely gutted that today is the final track from these guys. We reckon we’ve saved the best for last but you can take your pick of any of their tracks as an absolute beaut.

We’ve got a Podcast coming soon with The New Nervous Kind​ and we definitely want to do another session later in the year.

Here’s Caroline.

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John Forrester – Princes Street (Original)

Here’s the first track from our session with John Forrester​ – Princes Street.

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Mark Sullivan – Wasting Time (Original)

Here’s the second track from our session with Mark Sullivan – Wasting Time.


The Jordi Fanclub – Losing Things in Fogs (Original)

The Jordi Fanclub​ girls are the absolute best! It’s always so much fun when they come to visit us. Today is the second and final track from their most recent session.

Stay tuned for their Podcast, coming in a few days time. For today, here’s Losing Things in Fogs.


We Ghosts – Istanbul (Original)

There just isn’t anything like We Ghosts​ anywhere on the Indie Music scene. These guys have a remarkable unique sound and we were extremely lucky to have had some time with them. We can’t wait for you to hear the rest of their session.

For now, here’s their opening number – Istanbul.


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