Best of November 2017

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It’s time for a monthly roundup of the best sessions. This month we’ve posted 29 tracks and recorded 15 sessions.

Check out the best of November 2017 below.

S3A – Winter Trees – The Staves Cover

It’s a tough skill to come along and perform Acapella. S3A did that in their 2 other tracks and for this beautiful cover they just had some very simple guitar.


JACK – Shadow (Original)

We’re delighted to say that we’re one of the first people to feature JACK. Judging by how fantastic his originals were, we won’t be the last!

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Sean Simmons – I Took A Pill In The Year 3000 – Mike Posner/Busted Mashup Cover

Sean Simmons brought more energy that the studio has seen before and alongside this mashup cover, he recorded 2 originals.

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Glass Peaks – Case (Original)

Glass Peaks really blew us away with this one. It was a brand new track from the lads and the maiden performance. We’d go so far as to say this is a top 10 of 2017. Thank you chaps for bringing this to us. Just sensational!

Their other two tracks weren’t bad either

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Keelan Layton – Winter Nights (Original)

Keelan only recorded this one original track with us and it’s left us itching for more from his next album. This one is a beaut, especially at this time of year!

You need to check out his Elvis cover as well guys – seriously! Chills!

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The Pinocchios – We’re All Gonna Die One Day (Original)

The Pinoccios recorded five tracks with us all told and we couldn’t have been more grateful to get as much out of them as possible. Their sound is just brilliant! This track in particular struck a chord. An upbeat morbid song. Wonderful!


Frankie Swain – Getting Over You (Original)

We got to the end of Frankie’s set this month 🙁

Such a beautiful voice and such a wonderful songwriter. We thoroughly enjoyed every track she brought to our little studio.


Luke O’Gorman – The Same (Original)

Luke O’Gorman’s session gained him a few admirers – judging by the Facebook comments at least. There’s not a lot more to say about him other than he’s just brilliant. His style is perfect for the music scene at the moment and his lyrics are just stunning!


Tokyo Tea Room – No Longer (Original)

These guys are the real deal! The vocals are perfect and the music is fantastic. Don’t be surprised if these guys make it right to the top!


Phoebe Warden – I Know It’s Over – The Smiths Cover

It’s so hard to choose which of Phoebe’s tracks to showcase for this article. Honestly, they’re all sensational! Generally we’d always showcase the originals but we just couldn’t let this cover go by without a mention in the best of the month. It’s actually a cover of a cover. We have it down as The Smiths who originally performed it but Phoebe’s version is more of a nod to Jeff Buckley’s cover of the original.

Either way it’s genuinely amazing!


Ben from Westward Ho! – Sizewell Lament/4 Lines Original)

Ben popped along for a solo session, away from his band Westward Ho!. He recorded five tracks with us and we’re making plans for future meetings already, such was the quality he brought to the studio. This months selection is the first of his tracks.


Daisy Tickel – Mr. Right (Original)

Daisy came along with just this one original and it was just perfect. A really lovely story told in a couple of minutes. She also recorded a couple of brilliant covers with us but it’s the original that makes the cut for the best of November.


Mark Harris – The Association of the Lazy & Tired (Original)

We’ve been talking to Mark for ages about a session and we’re so happy we were able to get a date sorted. His music takes us back to Oasis, Blur, The Verve & Jarvis Cocker. There’s something very raw in his style and we absolutely love it. Stay tuned for more tracks next month from Mark!


Solar Nineties – Friend of a Friend (Original)

Our worst kept secret this year is our affection for Solar Nineties. The lads are just incredible! We went along to one of their live sets recently where they were supported by Squangey Bobbins.

The band (well most of the band) came back for their second session of 2017 and recorded another four masterpieces. Here’s the first from this session, and their new single!


Red Amber Green – What Would It Be (Original)

Amber, the A in S3A, came back for a solo session. It was fabulous guys. Her vocals are flawless and this original – a touching tribute to her grandad – was the pick of her session!


Bobby C From CHROMA – Supernova (Original)

We really have saved the best for last in this roundup guys. Bobby C is amazing. There, we said it. Now you may have noticed we speak in hyperbole a fair bit but with this guy it’s hard to overstate. One of the most gifted musicians we’ve ever met. Just amazing!


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