Best of October 2017

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It’s time for a monthly roundup of the best sessions. This month we’ve posted 29 tracks and recorded 16 sessions.

Check out the best of October 2017 below.

BODHI – Vanilla Sky (Original)

The final track of BODHI‘s session was actually his latest single. Check out his YouTube channel for the official video.

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Luke Jackson – Better Man (Original)

This was also the final video from Luke‘s session. He delivered two sensational covers along with his two originals. Luke’s on the road to big things!

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Saramona – Coo Coo (Original)

Saramona were our 50th Studio Session and the lads were fantastic value. The energy they brought was brilliant and it was hard to choose just one of their tracks. For our favourite of their five originals we’ve gone back to their first video.


Mark Lees – Mojos (Original)

Mark‘s two tracks this month were just brilliant. We’ve chosen his original track for our best of the month roundup, however his cover of Blair Dunlop’s 356 had some feedback from Mr Dunlop himself.

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The Grand Merci (Formerly The Simmons Brothers Project) – Icy Red (Original)

Aaron & Sam, aka The Grand Merci, had three tracks this month. Icy Red was our favourite, although it’s a really hard choice. Aaron’s vocals are insane and we specifically love this track because Sam kills it on guitar. Sensational.

The guys also posted their session to Spotify recently.


The Silent Companions – Amsterdam – Jacques Brel Cover

We’re including a cover in our monthly roundup for the first time as we thought The Silent Companions‘ frontman, Bill Redfern, really nailed this track. Chris & Ren are fantastic as always of course!


Estelle Mey – On a Moon (Original)

Estelle Mey is just brilliant. There’s not much more to be said about her to be honest. We’ve chosen this track because it’s been stuck in our heads since we published it!


Frankie Swain – Heart of Gold (Original)

Frankie‘s music is simply beautiful. We’re very lucky to have had a session with her. She came in and recorded 4 originals – This was her first and is also her latest single.

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Luke O’Gorman – Monster – Eminem Sample

We’ve been waiting for months for someone to come and record some Hip-Hop with us. Luke delivered a brilliant Hip-Hop/Acoustic crossover. The chorus is a sample but the verses are all Luke’s own work.


S3A – Wisely & Slow – The Staves Cover

Sophie, Ebony & Amber, AKA S3A, came along and recorded three covers. The first two were released this month and were fully a capella. It really was a wonderful treat to record these girls.


JACK – Each Step (Original)

JACK‘s sound took us to a place we’ve visited with Jamie XX. Go check out his Soundcloud to hear his studio work. In session he delivered a brilliant acoustic set with three originals and an intriguing cover. Stay tuned for that!

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Tokyo Tea Room – Auto-Phobia (Original)

Tokyo Tea Room were highly recommended by the magnificent Phill Morgan. We can see why he loves these guys so much! Sometimes we just have to sit back and watch and be amazed by the artists we have in session. The day these guys came in was one of those days!


Keelan Layton – Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson Cover

It’s impossible to overstate the talent Keelan possesses. We’d go so far as to say that he is the best vocalist we’ve ever had in the studio. Plus he covered a personal favourite track of ours and more than did it justice. We’re extremely proud to have this video in our library!


Phoebe Warden – Hold Me Back (Original)

Sneaking into October’s roundup on Halloween 2017 was Phoebe Warden. This was the first track from her session of three. It’s also her latest single – there’s a trend in that particular aspect this month! Her smooth Folk/Country sound was just spectacular and we can’t wait to get her other videos out next month!


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