Broken Banjo: The Lost Art of Being Human.

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Broken Banjo describe themselves as ‘We hit stuff, it makes noise’; however it is a beautiful sound with hard driving guitar solos that are present throughout this album, along with the thriving gritty blues dripping Irish folk vocals from Liam that really complements the sound in this stand out album!

Bad ass, aggressive, raw, growling catchy guitar riffs and unlimited hooks are really emphasised with thrumming bass lines that are trademarks of Liam and Luke. This is enforced by the wild, energetic hard hitting rhythmic, hypnotic drum beats delivered by the ever enthusiastic Mike.

Banging arrangements make ‘The Lost Art of Being Human’ the standout album for me since the release of Frank Turner’s ‘Tape Deck Heart’ in that every track from Broken Banjo is an absolute banger! Some epic earlier tracks that are the foundation of their sound have been revisited, polished and dropped in to this album, which shouts out to pure creativity!

The incredible fusion of metal, blues, rock with an element of punk, as well harmonica melodies will energise your soul! The Broken Banjo sound is potent mix of styles that comes from their inspirations such as, but not limited to, Nirvana, Muddy Waters, Vulfpeck, Snarky Puppy, Incubus and Underoath.

The Lost Art of Being Human album combines all of the individual influences from this Medway trio, however within the music is a hypnotic vibe that creates an understanding of what this band is all about. Tap in to this vibe and feel their music. Great to hear input from Stuart Turner and the Flat Earth Society too.

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Phill Morgan

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