Eleusia re-defining Psychedelic Rock

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Eleusia is a Psychedelic Rock 4 piece from Medway, Kent, UK with influences drawn from artists of equal standing to their musical abilities such as Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, James Brown and B.B. King to name a few.

2013 saw the concept of Eleusia with Adam and Jason having the idea of “what if they played music that they loved”, then a year later came Dhuran and Glenn to complete the line-up.

The skillfulness of the way the music is delivered is an act of top quality and a performance of high professional standards, although when you talk with them pre and post gig, you get the feeling they live for their music and treat every gig as a practice session as the music flows freely and is never forced.

What Eleusia do with great skill is to blend their influences into their songs, their latest video release ‘Drug of you’ gives that audio bliss that pays homage to elements of Jimi Hendrix & Led Zeppelin.

As for live performances, the vocals are supplied by the big front man, Glenn. Glenn’s vocals are deep, rich and booming that lend themselves to the heavier side of rock and adds to the distinctive sound of Eleusia.

Dhuran on bass, being an extremely competent and intuitive player gently teases the strings to provide a rolling, gently tumbling sound, where the music created adds a pleasing layer to their sound.

Keeping time is Adam, the man on the skins and occasional wearer of a well-groomed Mohawk! Adam has a very good knack of delivering perfectly timed hits to the drums, his metronomic steadiness contributes to the trance-like quality of funky Hendrix riffs from the guitarist Jason Tomlins.

Jason provides outstanding guitar work that accompanies the musicians, however when released to launch a standalone solo guitar work which in itself is phenomenal and you know there is still a part of Hendrix alive when he plays.

Eleusia, although Medway based, do travel to take their sounds to Sussex and London. There really is no excuse not to catch them live.

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