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The Canterbury based trio, MUTO excel at delivering riff-driven, melodic, futuristic, hard rock and disco-funk-rock grooves with just an element of electronica. It’s hard to imagine what demographic MUTO are targeting, however, this leads to a broad appeal that crosses generations.

Supremely passionate live performers and one of the funkiest bassists on the planet who, incidentally jump starts an energetic performance from top guitarist Michael Sperring. All leading to a futuristic journey supplied by the ever present Theremin Joe; MUTO don’t fail to impress at all!

Often the greatest thing about music isn’t the way it sounds, but the way it’s made or how it’s performed. What matters is how it makes you feel, and MUTO have that nailed. Their music is a blend of anything that’s loud, noisy and more importantly comes from the heart.

Fuelled by thrumming bass lines delivered by Struan Ian Robertson (SIR) and constant, precision drumming from the superbly gifted John Bandit-Tash Bailey, while guitarist Sperring gives a high octane if not rocket fuelled performance. The trio are constantly driving the tune forward with the energy which characterises every second of every performance!

The E.P. Turn The Darkness On, unleashes some of the bands arsenal of tunes crammed with melodic hooks with a melancholy, raw and ethereal sonic power that will always deliver a positive upbeat vibe.

MUTO were runners up in this year’s Herne Bay Rocks, and from this performance at the Kings Hall it was clearly evident that they need a bigger stage. A band that would be perfect to open up for such giants as Muse!

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Phill Morgan

Phill is passionate about the local music scene. If there's an EP Launch or a live show from a local band, you'll find Phill there with his trusty Nikon. Follow his Insta for the latest updates ... http://instagram.com/phillandperpetual

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