Re-defining ‘The Canterbury Sound’ with Tin Foil Astronaut at The Penny Theatre

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One of the local bands re-defining the ‘Canterbury Sound’ from a few decades ago and with such an excellent name, you really shouldn’t miss the next gig delivered by Tin Foil Astronaut.

Another outstanding 5 piece coming from the Canterbury area, in their own words “Tin Foil Astronaut started as a bedroom project, a vehicle for Max Taylor’s whims and obsessions. It has now spread its wings and developed into a fully-fledged collective, crafting gloomy & eluding pop music”. Max really must have the biggest bedroom known to man, with such sounds emanating from Alt, Rock, Doom, Pop, Dark-psych, you can hear a multitude of influences in their work.

If you wanted to pin a handle to the music, just go for ‘quality’.

You get the feel that everyone in the band contributes to the song writing/composition. This cohesion is self-evident in their performance, you’d be hard pressed to tell where Tin Foil Astronaut ends and where one of their influential bands Mini Mansions starts.

With all that in mind, they deliver a fantastic set with glacial coolness and tunes that are floaty, yet hard edged, tinged with synths that brings a strong 80’s feel to their set. A beautiful blend of vocals and music to take you away from it all! Well done Max and all in the band.

Ever the crowd pleaser especially as the set was of a decent length and kept the audience ‘till the very last note was struck!

How long will it be before Tin Foil Astronaut go and headline bigger stages and picking up new fans, one thing was abundantly clear, what big bands will they open for in the future?

Check out on Facebook @tinfoilastronaut https://www.facebook.com/tinfoilastronaut/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tinfoilastronaut

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Phill Morgan

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