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Squangey Bobbins‘ new album smacks you in the face with hits from the outset. A fantastic EP showcasing the full range of this up-and-coming Margate band.

From track #1 – A Girl That You Just Met – Electric vinyl is a full on assault – but in a good way. The first track wakes you up and takes you on a Jäger fueled night out with the lads.

You can see the intensity just in the screenshot of the above video. It’s a wonderful way to start a rock album. It shows you what you’re in for and it doesn’t let up. Track #2 – Do What Ever We Like – continues the ride but then the album slows down. It’s almost like the album opens with a Friday Night, continues with Saturday and then we have the Sunday Session during track #3 – Ramblers Dream.

This is where it gets interesting. Lead Singer Lewis really shows off his vocal talents in this track. It’s maintained the early pace from the 100 mph opening but we’ve changed tack a little. Squangey goes a bit more Bluesey and it’s extremely welcome.

The whole album feels like a journey and after the “heavy weekend” opening, we get to track #4 – Travelling Blues & track #5 – Travellers Song. The former was one of two tracks from the album that Lewis performed in session with us and both of these tracks lend themselves a lot more to the acoustic nature of Seaside Sessions.

Squangey Bobbins - Electric Vinyl BackTrack #3, #4 & #5 feel like the perfect travel companions and the slower pace from the opening paints a nice picture of where Electric Vinyl is going to take you. It’s clear that this isn’t just any old mess of songs, thrown together in any old order. The band have seriously considered how to showcase their oeuvre and that fact alone stands the band out amongst the cacophony of sensational artists emerging from the scene in Thanet.

On with the album and as we enter the second half, Squangey pick up the pace a little. Track #6 – Brand New Day – is the metamorphosis from the slower pace of the working week as we head back to another weekend with the lads. The undertone of Blues continues and this is really where Squangey show their talents. While the opening may have been a bit more stereotypical Rock, when these guys bring their Blues together it’s really something quite fantastic. It’s Blues for the new generation.

Track #6 is really where I felt connected with this album. Having listened a few times I can see the journey the band are taking you on but on first listen it was this track that really pulled me in. There’s not a single negative about it. Vocals, Instruments, Vocals, Backing – All perfect.

With a country twang we hit track #7 – Dance With Me Tonight. You can feel the pace picking up again and you know what you’re in for as the ending of the album approaches. Track #8 – What You Looking For – moves back into full Blues Rock as we get ready for the crescendo and as soon as track #9 – Once or Twice – starts, you know Squangey have got you by the balls.

If I were listening to this album as a set list I’d be calling for an encore – and it comes in the shape of track #10 – Simple Song. With shades of a Sterophonics gig where the band reel you in and Kelly Jones delivers the knockout punch. Once again with this final track Lewis strips everything back and ensures the perfect finish to a wonderful album.

Do not miss out on this album you lot! Go get it now on the links below …


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