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Tucking in the delights of the next instalment of the progression of Eleusia in their new e.p ‘In my mind’ just goes to prove the versatility of this awesome 3 piece from around Medway.

Every track offers you an insight to their vibe and when the vibe is good it can only hook you too. There is an impishness delight to the first track ‘Please’, this vibe sets off the whole e.p of audio delights, gentle foot-tapping and slight head nodding will immerse you into the upbeat psychedelic sound that is the trademark of Eleusia.

From the heavy attachment to the Zep influence in the track ‘Drug of You’ the heavy beat, vocals and delicious guitars (bass and lead) will get your foot tapping and body rocking. To say this track delivers a hypnotic charm that will please you; if it don’t then you are ‘Crowbar Joe’!

What a beaut the last track ‘Still Here’ is. Such a gentle opening with good if not perfect vocals and then it opens up with hard hitting drums and riffs from the masterpiece of lead guitar. This really does add a vibrant splash of colour to something that could pass off as blues. This really is something from a Bond theme. Kudos to Adam, Dhuran, Glenn and Jason. So long Glenn.

Grab the EP below or from the Band’s Website:

Some pics below taken from an older gig when Eleusia were a 4-piece. All pictures taken by Perpetual Photography.

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Phill Morgan

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